Most expensive Paintings sold in Spain in 2019: Top10

So far these are the best Painting sales realized in Spain at Art Auctions. Follow up updates until the end of 2019.


1. Portrait of a lady with a little more than half a body with Cupid, by the circle of Gandolfi or Giulio Cesare Procaccini.

Sold in Abalarte in the month of February, it came out under the cataloging of “Circle of Gandolfi” for € 5,000. It was awarded after a dizzying rise by € 950,000, and later it was announced the more than possible attribution to Giulio Cesare Procaccini.


PROCACCINI, GIULIO CESARE. Retrato de dama de un poco más de medio cuerpo con Cupido. Óleo sobre lienzo. 135 x 78 cm. Precio de salida: 5.000€. Precio de venta: 1.000.000€


2. 287 Carbeca, by Fernando Zóbel.


Sold in Ansorena in the month of March, this work reached a higher price in the auction, but its initial buyer backed out and was awarded, after sale, to a bidder who acquired it for € 260,000.


ZÓBEL, FERNANDO. 287 Carbeca. Óleo sobre lienzo. 80 x 65 cm. Precio de remate: 260.000€ (Ansorena)


3. Ma sobre negre, by Antoni Tàpies.


TÀPIES, ANTONI. Mà sobre negre. Pintura sobre madera. 114 x 146 cm. Precio de salida: 210.000€


4. San Pedro meditando, by José de Ribera.

Sold in Isbilya, in February, for the starting price: € 150,000. A surprise for many, that we considered an excessive price for a work of difficult audience.


RIBERA, JOSÉ DE. San Pedro meditando. Óleo sobre lienzo. 127 x 102 cm. Precio de salida y venta: 150.000€ (Isbilya)

5. Máscaras de las escobas, by José Gutiérrez Solana.

Sold in Ansorena, in February (it was a great month for Spanish auctions, undeniably), for € 110,000.

GUTIÉRREZ SOLANA, JOSÉ. Máscaras de las escobas. Óleo sobre lienzo. 63,5 x 90,5 cm. Precio de salida: 90.000€. Precio de venta: 110.000€ (Ansorena)

6. Characters and still life, by Rafael Zabaleta.

Sold in Retiro in February, for the starting price: € 100,000. Again, a surprise, considering an excessive price for the piece in our country. Sometimes, buyers appears.


ZABALETA, RAFAEL. Personajes y bodegón. Óleo sobre lienzo. 81 x 100 cm. Precio de salida y venta: 100.000€ (Retiro)

7. Palette, by Joaquín Sorolla and more.

Segre, in tApril. It was sold for € 95,000, from a € 50,000 sale.


Paleta pintada por varios artistas. “Niña en una barca” by Sorolla; “Mujer aupando a un niño desnudo” by Bartolomé Manuel Muñoz; “Cabeza de niña con lazos en el pelo” by Constantino Gómez; “Busto de mujer con matillla blanca” by Joaquín Agrassot; “Tipo valenciano por Teodoro Andreu y pensamientos” by Manuel Sigüenza. Óleo sobre madera. 47,2 x 67,8 cm. Precio de salida: 50.000€


8. Portrait of silversmith Antonio Martínez, by Francisco Bayeu.

Again we see the presence of Ansorena (and remember that it is already the third work that falls in the top 10). Sold in May for € 90,000, it was also an announced sale. It was bought, in addition, by the Spanish State.

BAYEU, FRANCISCO. Retrato del platero Antonio Martínez. Óleo sobre lienzo. 88 x 69 cm. Precio de remate: 90.000€ (Ansorena)


9. Birth of Christ, by Alonso Berruguete.

An after sale, the second of the top. This time in Segre, in April´s auction. Next day  found a buyer for € 80,000.

BERRUGUETE, ALONSO. Nacimiento de Cristo. Óleo sobre tabla. 84 x 51 cm. Precio de remate: 80.000€ (Segre, postventa)

10. Baldassare Franceschini (Il Volterrano).

The most recent, a work that exceeded its estimate of € 60,000 and was awarded € 80,000, sold in June at La Suite.


FRANCESCHINI, BALDASSARE (IL VOLTERRANO). Óleo sobre tela. 92 x 73 cm. Precio de remate: 80.000€ (La Suite)

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