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Michael Hughes

Please introduce yourself
Hi. I am Michael. I am an animator/visual artist working and living with my family in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am originally from Hamburg, in Germany.
My artistic background is foremost animation. Professionally, I have been working as a stop motion animator for almost 15 years, working on various projects small and large, from no budget short films and music videos to big budget feature films like ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and ‘Frankenweenie’.

Initially, my own short films embraced my stop motion background but over the last few years my personal endeavours have become increasingly minimal, abstract and experimental. The discovery of NFTs as a way to explore more short form minimal and abstract animation in the beginning of 2020 has been a liberating moment for myself. Apart from animation I use screen printing as another tool to explore minimalism and the abstract.

What message or intention did you want to express through the work?

I have always been driven by visuals. Even when doing animated narrative pieces, a huge emphasis was on doing striking and arresting visuals, often minimal and stylised and monochromatic. There are really two things I would like to achieve with my art. Firstly, to use a visual language that people can relate to and allows for personal interpretation, and secondly, for the complexity of a piece to hide behind arresting minimal visuals that only reveal everything that is going on after multiple viewings.

Working process from conception to completion of the work.

Since my very first NFT which I minted and released on hicetnunc in late May 2021 the starting point for each and every piece has been a black square. Even the pieces that flip between black and white start with a black square. The white one always seem to come second. I have only done very few circular pieces up until now and they also start with a black square. The circular shape is cut out of a black square.

For me, a black square or black pixel is the most minimal starting point.
A big part of my art is exploration. I always like to play on screen – or when I used to create stop motion work directly in front of the camera – and experiment and explore. I approach every piece with a rough idea/sketch of what I would like it to be but am embracing the fact that the piece can develop a life on it’s own.
Using such a classic shape like a square lends itself to this exploration. It’s visual limitations shift the focus on movement, spacing, size and pace.
Whilst I currently create my digital pieces foremost in After Fx, I am planning a shift towards the analogue to combine both digital and stop motion animation.




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