Art World Forum in London

In partnership with START Art Fair, the Art World Forum is proud to present its second annual event in London, “The Bigger Picture” on September 26, at the Saatchi Gallery. Collaboration for the second consecutive year in the sixth annual edition of the fair that supports talented emerging artists from around the world, Art World Forum will be accredited as the new Official Organizer of Conversations.

With the format of a dynamic agenda, full of presentations, interviews and panel discussions, the day promises constructive discussions aimed at collectors, professionals, art supporters and newcomers from the industry interested in learning more about art and participating in an enriching experience.

The theme “The Bigger Picture” seeks to create an inclusive environment in which speakers will address topics that are currently in the art market, such as “Collecting: What, how and why?”, “The Arts: Where Are The Women and How Do We Achieve Diversity?” and “Investing in Art, Artists and Creative Businesses”. Focusing on the art industry and its present, which is undergoing a remarkable transition, full of open debates, social networks and changes of experiences.



About Art World Forum

Art World Forum is an emerging global platform whose objective is to build networks of connection between art professionals and business companies. Through its high quality international conferences, Art World Forum offers information and networking opportunities to a large number of investors, collectors, dealers, insurers, academics, professionals and art enthusiasts in general. Its objective is to establish in each of the key art markets of the world where transactions and investments are made. Through the sessions organized, the delegates of the conferences, the opportunity, the opportunity, the relationships, the organization, the industry, the art, the businesses, the whole world. of users and knowledge, and to develop strategic alliances that can lead to business opportunities and social impact. Art World Forum is also a web editor that offers up-to-date information on the art market through original editorial articles and intellectual contributions from renowned art professionals.



About START Art Fair

START Art Fair is truly global. There are galleries from Bogotá to Budapest, passing through Colombia and Cape Town, Lagos, Riga and Seoul that combine a high level of quality with some genuine surprises, … INICIAR is an art fair that focuses on emerging artists and new scenes of art that takes place in the prestigious Saatchi Gallery, in London. Galleries from all over the world have participated and presented a snapshot of emerging art from around the world each year. In four years, the fair has gained a solid reputation on the part of the critics and collectors in London, and on the part of Europe, as the place to discover new emerging artists.



Themes Art World Forum London 2019

• Collecting: What, How and Why?
• The Arts: Where Are The Women and How Do We Achieve Diversity?
• Art as a Brand; A Brand as Art
• Paint by Numbers: New Technologies, Demands and Needs
• Art Avenues: New Markets, Players and Audiences
• Art Market Case Study: Artists, Collectors and Dealers
• Collector Case Study: Roles, Observations and Habits
• The Art Democracy: Aspirations, Ambitions and Engagement
• Patronage, Ownership and Support Systems
• East and West: Opening the Art Market
• Investing in Art, Artists and Creative Businesses

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