Ansorena and Fernando Durán show their enormous potential in the March auctions

Our attention had been called specially, and this is something that we have already commented in Actualidad Arte, the canvas of Juan Luna that went out to auction in Goya at the beginning of the month of March. This was Igorote Indian, an oil on canvas adhered to a board that had small dimensions, 24 x 18 cm. It went to auction for only € 6,000, which predictably went up to € 25,000 in which it was topped. And it is that for a while, everything Philippine has been a cause of glances and expectation: not in vain the highest piece of last year was a Philippine work … Also, we see the ancient painting, of which an Immaculate Conception stands out. In catalog as Madrid School of the seventeenth century and later, on the web and announced in the auction, as Granada School, circle of Juan Niño de Guevara. It was sold, finally, for € 8,500 although it started at € 6,000. We ended with the sale of La Educación de la Virgen, a canvas by Francesco de Mura (atr.), Which was settled at € 7,500 from € 4,000 at the start.



But to finish with this first auction in March we must mention Elio Berhanyer’s collection, which went to auction in this auction house. It was successfully sold Ausencia obliga, the work of José Hernández, an oil on canvas of 1971, for the output of € 8,000. At the time, Negro Orestes, José Caballero, was also awarded for € 7,500, from the € 5,000 of the output. And it was that he had been in the XXXII Biennial of Venice, and it was a very desired acquisition.



As for Fernando Durán, we see as the great work of the month the sculpture by Juan Muñoz, a bronze signed and dated in 1988 called Tambor. It went to auction for € 45,000, and was awarded at € 50,000. Moving away from the sculpture, we see a work by Fernando Zóbel, who, like a good Philippine, already pays attention just by naming him, and this one in particular took time in the mouth of collectors: Orilla 49, an oil on canvas that cost € 48,000 and was sold € 55,000. The last big sale was Juan Genovés, Telúrico, an oil and acrylic on canvas of the year 2005 that sold for € 40,000, and settled at € 42,500.



We also find other minor sales in contemporary art, such as this Soledad Sevilla, Y hasta la estrella asustas en su cielo …, from the year 1985. This acrylic on board, 220 x 186 cm, went to auction for € 18,000, and for that price was awarded. We also see the work of Jaime Burguillos, Untitled, an oil on canvas that went to auction for € 8,500 and settled at € 15,000. For the same price, Calle en Fiesta, by Manuel Hernández Mompó, was decided, and finally, Untitled, by Esteban Vicente, was also awarded for € 14,000.



As for the ancient painting, we see a Joaquín Sorolla titled Retrato de mujer con mantilla negra, a gouache on cardboard dedicated to Dr. Sandoval. It went to auction for € 20,000, and that price was settled. It also highlights the work of Julio Romero de Torres, Busto de Débora, an oil on táblex, dedicated to Dr. Marañón. It went to auction for € 19,000, the price for which it was sold. And finally, also for the starting price was sold Sagrada Familia con Santa Catalina de Alejandría, an oil on panel.



We see that furniture was awarded a bargueño carved and ebonized wood that stood out for its quality in the catalog, in itself considerably good. The decoration was made of bone, ivory and tortoiseshell, in accordance with the Hispano-Flemish models of the seventeenth century. It was sold for the exit: € 30,000. It also sold a chest of drawers Louis XV – Louis XVI, eighteenth century Pierre Macret, in palorosa, violet and rosewood, with marble top and marquetry, also for his output, which in this case were € 10,000. As for the contemporary, we see a Cactus model glass table, designed by Marc Lalique, for € 13,000; and in the sculptural section a work by Gabriel Joly, Saint Michael defeating the devil, in carved wood and from the Felix Boix collection, for € 10,000.



Regarding Durán, we see how a Julio Le Parc was sold, Alchimie 96, an oil on canvas of the year 1990. He had previously left in November at € 8,000, awarded for € 11,000 … and returns to leave now, awarded on this occasion by 15,000 € Oscar Dominguez, Femme Allongée, was sold for the same price, with an authenticity certificate for 2017. And, finally, we see a bronze sculpture by Martín Chirino, Espiral, for which € 6,500 was requested in which they were awarded.



From the Barcelona area we also receive news, and is that La Suite was auctioning La Última Cena, by Jean-Baptiste Jouvenet. He left for € 10,000, although he ended up winning € 20,000 as could be expected. To accompany, three great gothic tables were sold: San Pedro, Santa Bárbara, un obispo y la Virgen de los Dolores of Pere Matas (1490 – 1558), for 22,500 €; Calvario con arma Christi, by Ramón Solá II (1445 – 1502), for € 18,000; and Cristo triunfante, of the Master of Roa, for € 10,000.



Ansorena, meanwhile, has generated a bittersweet taste this month. He took to auction the fantastic 287 Carbeca, an oil on canvas dated in April 1959 and signed by Zobel, for only € 40,000. The price was a bargain, and in the auction it was clear: it went up to € 500,000 in which the hammer went down. The market was unleashed, of course: two milestones of the year in just three months. Indescribable. But soon after the news came that the buyer had retracted. The work was accepted by an underbidder, but from € 500,000 we went down to € 260,000 … a penalty, and a success at the same time. They also presented Composition, an ink on paper that went for € 5,000 and finished at € 32,000.



And of proper names was the thing in Ansorena, because now we have to tell you about the string of works signed by Elena Asins. We started with Structures A, latex on canvas, awarded € 20,000 from the € 16,000 output. And we continue: Geometric composition, 1979 (enamel on táblex, 55 x 46 cm), for € 3,200; Geometric composition (acrylic on canvas, 59 x 43 cm) for € 2,800; Circular structure (acrylic and latex on táblex, 64 x 64 cm) for 4,500 €; and we finish with another Geometric composition (acrylic on táblex, 81 x 65 cm) for € 3,000. And these last four works, acquired by the State.




We closed with two loose, fast strikes: Untitled, a pastel and charcoal on paper by Wilfredo Lam, awarded for € 17,000, as well as the Ereaga Beach and the old port of Algorta de Menchu Gal, for € 30,000.


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