Tápies crowns May

We had a full month: Ansorena, Abalarte, Goya, Segre, Durán, Soler y Llach, … With results that, although they do not reach the extraordinary numbers that we saw in February, are more than remarkable. We started with the closing of the month, which was Duran with its auction on May 30. In our previous article we talked about ten pieces, as always, but there were three that really emerged as options for great auctions: Guayasamín, Sorolla and the top 1 last year, Félix Resurrección Hidalgo. These three names accompanied three pieces of great value and importance.

With regard to our top 1, we see how the Nocturnal Tempest of Resurrection Hidalgo went to auction for € 25,000 to be awarded € 50,000. It is far from € 9,500,000 last year, but shows how Filipinos are in vogue in any of its forms, as long as the price is reasonable. For € 25,000, the piece by Oswaldo Guayasamín, Quito yellow, also came out, although on this occasion it rose to only € 30,000. And finally, what many considered a masterful piece of Sorolla, which should receive the encouragement of Spanish and international collectors, was deserted. There is talk that, perhaps, the price was excessive despite the large size of the sketch, and that after all it did not come from an issue as interesting as its marine themes. Either way, that’s how it was, and that’s how it is written.



We also commented on the sale of Grindelwald’s Landscape by Aureliano de Beruete, which already came out in the room in 1974, sold for € 15,000, as well as the Peasant family of Daniel Vázquez Díaz, for € 13,000.



We continue with Segre, which had a good tender on May 21, 22 and 23, although we will focus especially on day 21, which resulted in a sale of those that are rarely seen in the days that run. Full of successes, and with a second part composed of a collection of works by Equipo Crónica that ended up becoming a white glove sale. Of course, we speak first of Má sobre negre, a piece of Tápies from 1998 that contains the key point of the works of the same: sand. So it went for € 210,000 and was ditched at € 230,000, in a bidding room. Good sale, which reflects how the good Tápies do have a future among Spanish collecting.


TÁPIES, ANTONI. Má sobre negre. Pintura y materia sobre tabla. 114 x 146 cm. Precio de remate: 230.000€ (Segre)

But it was not the only one, of course. We could also see The Moment of José María Sicilia for € 12,000, as well as Nocturno, a tribute to Erik Satie, from Orlando Pelayo. But there was even more weight in other sections, highlighting the contemporary power of the room: Small lies. Brown, black and gray from KAWS, which sold for € 13,000 from a starting price of € 1,500. Surprised in the room, but not those who are constantly looking at the international scene, this rise. What was not surprising was the sale for € 9,500 of Balloon Dog (magenta) by Jeff Koons, after the success of his Rabbit internationally: revalued, gentlemen, at times.



There is still more: Benjamín Palencia and his El Encinar de Santa Teresa was selling for € 37,000, from € 25,000 at the start. Sorolla, on the other hand, disappointed again. Yes, Grandpa’s blessing was sold for the 30,000 € orders, but not Cala de Ibiza, which went for € 50,000. On the other hand, also within the ancient art, we see Bañistas by Evaristo Valle, for € 25,000, and Landscape, by Darío de Regoyos, for € 13,000, together with Patio de Comares by Mariano Bertuchi, for € 13,000: the three reached briefly the exit price. Finally, comment on the limited sale of Juan Luna and his Ciociaro, which had good expectations that were frustrated by the sale of only € 11,000. And as the last brushstroke: St. Jerome penitent from Francisco Collantes, for € 25,000.



As for Abalarte, we see that the work of Francisco Bayeu, Female figure with his back, a small preparatory drawing, of those he made for the frescoes in the basilica of Pilar de Zaragoza, was awarded € 11,000 since his departure of € 5,000. Also, Antonio del Castillo, bidding out San Miguel Arcángel derrotando a  Satanás, and was awarded € 18,000. Passing by now the drawing, we turn to the old painting, where we find Juan de Juanes with a Prayer in the garden, which is considered part of the predella of the altarpiece of San Eloy de Valencia, commissioned in 1534 by the Guild of Silversmiths . It was awarded € 30,000, its starting price.



We can not forget Jerónimo Jacinto de Espinosa, with Coronación de espinas and Camino del Calvario, from the Casas Rojas collection, which sold for € 25,000, € 10,000 more than the output. As for the Filipino, we see that Amorsolo failed miserably, with the two works presented in pairs of oil paintings, some portraits of Fernando Zóbel and his wife, but Romeo Tabuena won, with Still Life, for € 12,000. On the other hand, the Landscape with house, locomotive and balloon ascension of Juan Luna was sold for only 9,500 €.



We travel now to Ansorena, where we could see Portrait of silversmith Antonio Martínez, by Francisco Bayeu. In the midst of all this, the work was declared inexcusable, and the general feeling that it should be purchased from the State was growing exponentially. So it was. Finally, it was sold for € 90,000 in the room, and automatically the State exercised its right of pre-emption and retraction and bought the work. Later, it was learned that although the Museum of Zaragoza had requested the canvas for himself, it was the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando who had definitively purchased the work. Likewise, The given of the keys to San Pedro de Corrado Giaquinto was great, for € 65,000 from a starting price of only € 8,000.



As for the contemporary, we see Jaume Plensa with La dona d’amic, which went on auction for € 20,000, a comfortable price since it is not the works of Plensa that we used to see. So, finally it was awarded for € 48,000, showing that when there is quality and attention from the public it is easy to raise the figures. He was accompanied by Fernando Botero, with his Woman, a work that sold for € 38,000. We finished the review of Ansorena with Eduardo Arroyo, who was selling Two anonymosus watching a picture of Fernand Leger for € 31,000.



We moved briefly to Barcelona, ​​to take a look at the results of La Suite. Amsterdam, an oil on canvas by Jan Ekels I, the Elder, sold for € 45,000, from an output of just € 8,000. Also, we see that the Pieta, a wonderful gold and polychrome sculpture, was awarded at € 37,500, above its starting price. Finally, we should highlight the sale of a bureau in carved and lacquered wood, Dutch, from the 18th century, for € 17,000 in after sales.



We closed this article with Goya, where El Jardin de Aranjuez by Eliseo Meifrén called attention, for € 30,000, and went up to € 40,000 for a telephone. As for Menchu ​​Gal, which presented Casas de Olmedo and Puerto de Zumaya, the first one was sold at the start for € 15,000 and the second for € 24,000.


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