Christmas auctions: Durán Arte y Subastas

Christmas auctions: Durán Arte y Subastas

Continuing with our analysis of the pre-Christmas Spanish auctions that will take place during this month of December we see the Durán Arte and Auctions, which will have two sessions: the first on the 18th, at 6pm, dedicated to books and manuscripts; and the second on the 19th, at 6pm, dedicated to art, jewelry and decorative art.

Regarding the proposal of the 19th, we see that it presents several works of an outstanding quality. The first, belonging to the old painting department, is a Scene of the Trojan War, from the Spanish School of the 18th Century, an oil on canvas which will be auctioned for € 17,000 (see).


SPANISH SCHOOL 18th CENTURY. “Scene of Trojan War”. O/C. 70 x 95 cm

As for the painting of the 19th century we have two artworks by the same artist, Raimundo de Madrazo (1841 – 1920), quoted in the Spanish auctions. The first, of good quality, is Portrait of lady (73 x 60 cm), an oil on canvas that is signed in the upper right corner, and that will be auctioned for € 12,000 (see). The second, of a superior quality, is an artwork titled Portrait of Mrs. Oliver Gould Jennings (130 x 97 cm), an oil on canvas signed and dated in 1897 in the lower left corner. It will be auctioned for € 50,000 (see).


MADRAZO, RAIMUNDO DE (1841 – 1920). “Portrait of lady”. O/C. 73 x 60 cm


MADRAZO, RAIMUNDO DE (1841 – 1920). “Portrait of Mrs Oliver Gould Jennings”. O/C. 130 x 97 cm














We left the 19th century to fully enter the 20th century, where José Vela Zanetti (1913 – 1999) receives us, with his oil on canvas Peasant (100 x 81 cm). It is signed and dated in 1974 in the lower left corner, and will be auctioned for € 9,000 (see). It is closely followed by Eduardo Úrculo (1938 – 2003), a recurring bet in the last Duran auctions, with La gran tela (90 x 140 cm). It is an oil on canvas signed and dated in 1979 in the lower right corner, and on the back signed, dated and titled. It will be auctioned for € 7,000 (see). And finally in the painting of the 20th century, we see the representation of Antonio Saura (1930 – 1998) through his artwork Mutations (54.9 x 70 cm), a mixed technique on paper, signed and dated in 1981 in the lower right corner . Attached certificate of authenticity of the Marlborough Gallery. It will be auctioned for € 27,500 (see).

As for the graphic work we see that highlights the artwork of Jacinto Moros (1959), Emerging (50 x 60 cm), a work composed of four embossed on Arches paper. They come numbered as 6/30 in the lower right corner, and go on auction for € 1,200 (see). He is accompanied by several works by Eduardo Úrculo (1938 – 2003), engravings belonging to the series Cuatro apuntes de golf. It is signed in the lower right corner, and numbered, with justification of the print on the back. We find the four lots: Golfer (54/100, 90 x 63 cm, see), Golfer’s tools (54/100, 63 x 91 cm, see), Golfer (54/100, 63 x 92 cm, see) and Bag of golf (54/100, 90 x 63 cm, signed by Camilo José Cela, see). Each one goes to auction for € 500.

As for the jewelry department, we find that in wristwatches we have some as eye-catching as this Philippe Du Bois & Fils, Perpetuelle model, in 18K yellow gold for men. The movement is automatic and is in the running state, with the white dial and the brown leather strap. It is a limited edition of 1999, this being the number 1137. It will be auctioned for € 1,500 (see). For women we have two outstanding models, the first being a Rolex model Oyster Perpetual, made in 18K yellow gold, also with automatic movement in current state of march, and the dial in black tone. It will be auctioned for € 3,750 (see). The second model is another Rolex model Oyster Perpetual Datejust, in 18K yellow gold, also with automatic movement in the running state. The dial is golden and has a calendar at 3 o’clock. It will be auctioned for € 4,000 (see).

As for the jewelry itself we have four outstanding lots, two necklaces, some earrings and a magnificent ring. We have a large 18K white gold necklace, with three emerald cut sapphires, trimmed with trapeze cut diamonds and diamond studded links, by Duran. The total weight of the diamonds of 9.73 cts and goes to auction for € 25,000 (see). The second necklace is a large 18K white gold Rivière necklace with diminishing diamonds. The total weight is 18 cts, and goes to auction for 14,000 € (see). Platinum ring with diamonds of 4.21 cts flanked by diamonds in baguette cut, going on auction for € 18,000 (see). Finally, the earrings are made of platinum, by Van Cleef & Arpels New York, with blue sapphires in oval cut, bordered with diamonds, signed and numbered, which go on sale for € 12,000 (see).

Finally we will talk about decorative art and tribal art. As for tribal art, the highlight of this month is a Guardian of “mbulu” relics from Kota-Mindumo, in Gabon. It has a metallic base, although without it its height is already 56.5 cm. These figures guard the relics of relevant ancestors, and provided that their descendants comply with the obligation to “keep them alive” by means of offerings, they ensure the happiness and well-being of the family lineage. They are reduced to the essential to insinuate the human figure (a rhombus, a spiral and a semicircle), which decisively influenced Picasso and Juan Gris, among other artists of the Vanguard. It will be auctioned for € 1,700 (see). The catalog is accompanied by two pieces of ivory, the first a German tankard in carved ivory, from the last quarter of the 19th century, with a cylindrical shape and battle scenes between centaurs and high relief pencils. The lateral handle is decorated with acanthus leaves and centaur torso, with the lid topped with a centaur. It goes to auction for € 3,000 (see). The second piece is also a German tankard of carved ivory, from the last quarter of the 19th century, with a cylindrical shape and a scene from the Carthage wars carved in high relief. The side handle has vegetable decoration and a figure of a warrior. The scene concretely represents the battle of Zama, when the armies of Escipión defeat to the Romans of Aníbal. It also goes on sale for € 3,000 (see).


Mariana de Ceballos-Escalera.

Especialista en pintura moderna, tasadora y perito. Graduada en Historia del Arte por la Universidad de Salamanca.

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