Dazzling Jewellery offer at Durán’s Upcoming Sale

Durán next live auction will take place on the 25th of January at 6 p.m. in their showroom of Madrid located at 19 calle Goya. For this occasion, the auction house presents a stunning catalogue (consult here) including a wide selection of accessibly priced artworks. Interestingly, the house pursues its objective of introducing new collectors to the excitement of the auction world. As usual, you are able to consult the complete catalogue, examine in depth each lot and bid online by clicking here.

As you can see in the catalogue, the dazzling jewellery section definitely stands out. The first piece we want to highlight is lot 230: a superb necklace made of two strands of pearls mounted over 18k yellow gold ornate with rubies, blue and yellow sapphires and oval cut emeralds. This lot is offered at 1.300€ (see).

Lot 230: Two strands pearl necklace, mounted over 18K yellow gold and enhanced with rubies, blue and yellow sapphires and oval cut emeralds. Estimate: 1300€ (Durán, 25th January 2018)

We continue with a spectacular 18K Rose gold ring with a large Kunzite of 56,80 carat and bordered with diamonds. This large ring constitute lot 349 of Durán’s next sale and is estimated at 5.500€ (see).

Lote 349: 18K Rose gold ring with large Kunzite (56,80 carat) and bordered with diamonds (0.87carat). Estimate: 5.500€ (Durán, 25th January 2018).

Still within the jewellry section, we’ve  noticed lot 347: a pair of platinum earrings with emerald (2 carat) and brilliant-cut diamonds (2.50 carat). It is offered at auction for 3.250€ (see). In the watches section, lot 147 certainly stands out. It consists of  a lady wristwatch designed by Cartier, model Baignoire, made in 18K yellow gold and decorated with diamonds. The watch is in working condition and comes with proper documentation and original casing. It was acquired in 2005 by Joyería Chocron in Ceuta, Spain. Lot 147 is estimated at 6.500€ (see).


Moving on to Visual Arts, lot 360 stands out as we were pleasantly surprised to find Damien Hirst featured in this Spanish sale. This acrylic on cardboard is titled Ukraine and was presented at the opening of the exhibition “Requiem” at the Pinchuk Art Center in 2009 (Kiev, Ukraine). The artwork holds the artist’s mark on the upper right corner and is signed on the back. The dimensions are 72.4 x 52 cm and it is offered for 2.250€ (see).

Lot 360: HIRST, Damien (b.1965), Ukraine, 2009, Acrylic on cardboard, 72.4 x 52 cm, signed on the back. Estimate 2.250€ (Durán, 25th January 2018)

We also highlight this oil on canvas by Salvador Sánchez-Barbudo y Morales (1857– 1917). This artist was specialized in historical painting and worked mainly in Rome under his patron the Marquis of Castrillo. Sánchez-Barbudo y Morales was renown for his exotic use of colour and lot 115 is no exception. Nocturno en el lago Trasimeno (Nocturnal on lake Trasimeno) is signed on the bottom right corner and is offered for 13.000€.

Lot 115: SÁNCHEZ-BARBUDO Y MORALES, Salvador (1857–1917), Nocturno en el lago Trasimeno, oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm. Signed a the bottom right. Estimate: 13.000€ (Durán, 25th of January 2018).

We continue with lot 123; the work of Mariano Bertuchi Nieto (1885–1955), Andalucía, Feria del Valle (Andalusia, The Valley Festival), which is signed and titled on the bottom left corner. It goes up for sale at 7.000€.

Lot 83 also stands out as it is attributed to Alejo Fernández (1475-1546). This artist worked during the Spanish Renaissance and is considered one of the masters of the Sevillian School of Painting. Even though the painting shows signs of cracking, the work remains of grand quality. The splendid golden oval frame is also worth mentioning as its intricate floral decoration enhances the hole composition.  This artwork is offered at 11.000€ (see).

We conclude this section with lot 128 by René Portocarrero (1912-1985); an internationally renowned Cuban artist. This work titled Flora, is signed and dated 1973. Furthermore, on the bottom left corner, just over the signature, the artist dedicated this artwork to his friend Orlando Quiroga. This gift was made in 1983 and the current holder bought this piece directly from Mr. Quiroga. It is offered at auction for 3.250€.

As always, at Durán’s Auction House, remarkable Tribal Art is offered to the public. In this case, lot 501 definitely strikes our imagination: a Kifwebe balume mask from the Songye tribe of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is made of carved wood and raffia straw and placed on a pedestal (dimensions without stand: 65 x 29 x 28 cm). This mask was an instrument used by the nobles and the chiefs of the ¨bukishi” secret society to maintain social control, if necessary, apply judicial sentences that could lead to executions. Its power is associated to the power of the Sun itself, and the sagittal crest that it carries on the back refers to masculinity. The painted stripes which alternate between light and dark symbolizes night and day, incidentally life and death. The braided skullcap carries within it the “medicine” necessary to fulfill its function. The feathers are used as a solar symbol traditionally worn by doctors, civil and military leaders. Wearing this mask meant that the person within it had supreme authority, even over life and death. This lot is offered for 3.750€.

Lot 501: “Kifwebe balume” Songye Mask, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 65 x 29 x 28 cm. Estimate: 3.750€ (Durán, 25th January 2018)

We conclude this article with Decorative Arts were we’ve highlighted lot 502: a French  Porcelain Adornment from the end of the 19th century. This set is formed by a table clock and two decoratives amphoras. It was fabricated in the style of Sèvres Porcelain, in the color aquamarine and mounted in gilded bronze. On the base of the clock sits two golden enamel puttis surrounded by flowers and ribbons. The top of the clock is adorn by three smaller puttis holding grapes and vines. Roman numbers are used to indicate hours and Arab numbers shows the minutes. The mechanism is Parisian and the artwork signed  by Barreau. Dimensions are 69 x 54.5 x 21.5 cm (table clock); 59 x 25 x 22 cm (amphoras). Sells at auction for € 7.000. (see)

The last lot of our selection is lot 440: a pair of Chinese Bronze Vases dating from the 19th or the 20th centuries. The pair goes up to auction for € 1.500 (see).

Translated by: Camila Jourdain

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