Fountain pens, jewelry and much art in the new catalog of Durán Subastas

One more month we have with us the great catalog of Durán Subastas, which brings us exquisite lots of painting, sculpture, jewelry, graphic work, tribal art, and in this case, also a beautiful and stunning collection of fountain pens. The auction will take place on Thursday, January 22, in the middle of Madrid Art Week, at 6:00 p.m. As always, we bring you the best lots that we can see in the auction: to bid for them you can click on the name of the lot, which will take you directly to the profile of Duran Auctions in the Invaluable platform. Here you can see the complete catalog. Enjoy!

We started with the painting section, which presents very interesting lots this month. In fact, we started with two works by Isidro Nonell (1873 – 1911), the first being Gitanas (O/C, 39 x 51 cm). It is an oil on cardboard that is signed in the lower left corner. It comes from a private Spanish collection, and is located in the work «Isidro Nonell, su vida y obras», written by Carolina Nonell and edited by Dossat. Concretely it is the sheet XXVIII. It will be auctioned for € 60,000 (see).


NONELL, ISIDRO (1873 – 1911): Gitanas. Oil on cardboard. 39 x 51 cm. Starting price: € 60,000.

The second is Malos consejos (O/C, 50 x 38.5 cm). It is a work in oil on cardboard that is signed in the lower right corner, and also comes from a private Spanish collection, and is located in the work «Isidro Nonell, su vida y obras», written by Carolina Nonell and edited by Dossat. Specifically, it is sheet XXIX. It will be auctioned for € 60,000 (see).


NONELL, ISIDRO (1873 – 1911): Malos consejos. Oil on cardboard. 50 x 38.5 cm. Starting price: € 60,000.

As for antique painting we see a triptych Adoration of the Magi (40 x 46.5 cm). It is an oil on panel of Central European School from the 15th-16th C., which goes on auction for € 7,000 (see). He is accompanied by a striking work, a Scene of the Trojan War (70 x 95 cm), an oil on canvas of the European School of the 18th century. It goes to auction for € 14,000 (see). It is a work that we could see already in its Christmas auction for € 17,000.

We are seeing again this month two works already known in Durán. Portrait of Mrs. Oliver Gould Jennings (130 x 97 cm) is an oil on canvas signed by Raimundo de Madrazo in 97 in the lower left corner. It will be auctioned for € 42,500 (see), and we could see it previously in the Christmas auction, for € 50,000, now coming out at a more adjusted and attractive price. Also from Madrazo we can see Portrait of lady (73 x 60 cm), an oil on canvas also signed, this time in the upper right corner, which will be auctioned for € 10,000 (see): € 2,000 less than in the Christmas auction of the room.

As for contemporary painting, we have a very interesting work by Juan Uslé, Chapel (46 x 31 cm), made in vinyl, dispersion and pigments on canvas. It comes from a private collection, but it was previously exhibited in the Joan Prats Gallery in Barcelona, ​​in the «Bisiesto» exhibition. It will go on sale for € 22,500 (see). The work of Rafael Canogar, Cabeza nº9 (O / L, 200 x 150 cm) is also outstanding. It is an oil on canvas of large format that is signed and dated in 84 in the lower right corner, and also on the back. It comes from a particular Helsinki collection, although it has been exhibited at several international exhibitions. It will go on sale for € 20,000 (see).

In the jewelery section we see a very beautiful set of earrings and ring, the first one being lot 276: 18K white gold ring with central diamond of 0.60 cts, in carré carving adorned by meleé of diamonds and in baguette size . It will be auctioned for € 3,000 (see). Matches lot 277, 18K white gold earrings, with baguette cut diamonds at different heights, with an approximate weight of 6 cts. They will go to auction for € 2,000 (see).

Regarding the watches stand out two, the first is a Patek Philippe model Nautilus, with reference 4700/051, while the movement number is 1529738. It presents calendar at three and the movement is quartz. It has the case and documentation, which tells us that it was acquired in 1989. It goes to auction for € 6,000 (see). The second is a Montblanc men’s watch model Skeleton Star, in platinum plaque. The movement is automatic and is in the running state. The piece was made in 1999 for the 75th anniversary of the brand, and it comes with a case and documentation. It goes to auction for € 1,500 (see).

We do not abandon the watch section yet, at least not at all, because we have a great lot consisting of a collection of twenty pocket watches among which stand out a Bucherer skeleton, two Omega, a Longines, two Hamiltons, a Smiths chronometer, a Hebdoman, an Elgin decorated with Masonic symbology, a Zenith, a Ulysse Nardin and a clock with Rolex machinery, all of them in a 72 x 45 cm display cabinet. It will be auctioned for € 3,500 (see). And entering the decorative arts, we see a pair of amphoras made of white marble with bronze mounts representing dolphins and garlands. They date from the early twentieth century, and are 70 cm high. They will go to auction for € 800 (see).

As for the section dedicated to tribal art, we see a mask «basket» Nkem (75 x 42 x 27 cm), from the Babanki culture of Cameroon. This mask represents the work capable of making a man or a woman with a basket over his head, which in this culture contains a very valuable symbolic value. The social fabric of this culture is well organized, which facilitates collaboration among the members of the tribe to perform work that would not be unviable for a single person. This monumental mask represents the power, the nobility and the perenniality of the kingdom of Babanki during the successive reigns, only shown in public during the funeral of the king or distinguished members of the nobility and during the agrarian rites favoring the fertilizing rain as maximum symbol of fertility . It will be auctioned for € 1,700 (see).

BASKET MASK NKEM. Culture Babanki, Cameroon. Starting price: € 1,700.

And finally, we finished with the section of fountain pens that we mentioned at the beginning. It is a great collection, with spectacular pieces, of which we will highlight the following two lots. The 288 is a set of six Visconti fountain pens, model Historia de Cristo, which are made in hand-painted celluloid and signed, in a limited edition of 13 sets. Five of the pieces are dedicated to Jesus, and the sixth to Mary Magdalene, all of them in a box that reproduces da Vinci’s Last Supper. It goes to auction for € 5,000 (see). The second lot belongs to the Kinsey brand and includes four fountain pens, specifically the Four Elements model set. They are hand-painted with Russian miniature technique, with the edition limited to 10 units. They go to auction for € 10,000 (see).

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