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Our company was founded in 2015, first as a Marketing Agency specialized in enhancing online sales for auction houses and art galleries. Since 2016, we’ve launched our online information platform regarding  market and news of art. Through our medias


technological solutions available to improve the daily management of their company’s. In addition, we seek to open new collaborations and create knowledge exchange about the digital art market with our anual event: Arte Online Madrid. 



From our art information channels, our objectives are:

  • Keep you updated regarding all aspects of the art market (auctions, art galleries, fairs)
  • Democratize the art world via the creation of content regarding Art History, Fine Art, Artistic Movements, Artists, etc
  • Demystify the elitism associated with the art market: promoting artworks and artists within all segments of the market and demonstrating that there is art accessible for every budget
  • Introduce new generations to the pleasure of collecting, participating in auctions (online or live) and assisting to art fairs


We are a young multidisciplinary team who combine knowledge of the art market and it’s  inherent dynamics such as digital marketing, creating and editing web content, photography, video and podcast production among others. Our executive team is based between Barcelona and Madrid. Also, we work with dozens of collaborators who are based all over Europe and South-America and contribute to content production, tech-events, special projects, etc.

Juan Antonio Rodríguez

Fundador, The Art Market Agency

“Art is never enough”, Bruce Chatwin.


I am an expert in online marketing and hold more than 10 years of experience helping businesses grow online. I know the principal platforms of commercialization within the art sector and how to make them profitable. Like Bruce Chatwin, writer and worker at Sotheby’s once said: “Art is never enough”: you need to make it visible and manage to reach all potential buyers. To learn more about me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juanrgamero

Fotografía y vídeo, The Art Market Agency

Anibal Trejo

Director de Proyectos y Visual Manager, The Art Market Agency

«You can´t sell your product without a good image first»

I am a profesional photographer and I’ve learned that if you don’t exist within the online market you just don’t exist at all. With more than 20 years of experience in visual content management, I travel around the world and provide content for every major tourist offices.

Learn more about me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anibaltrejo

Marian Ceballos-Escalera

Responsable de contenidos en The Art Market.

«Art as that which represents what is eternal in the world», Stanisław Przybyszewski.


I am an Art Historian specialized in modern paintings, conservation of cultural assets and appraisals. My work here is clear: our clients are looking for quality artistic assets and are using any methods at their disposal to find them. I believe the online market is the best method to achieve their goal and I want to position The Art Market as a central actor in today’s art trade.

Abraham Villar

SEO/SEM, The Art Market Agency

“What is not defined can not be measured. What is not measured can not be improved. What is not improved, always degrades.” – Lord Kelvin

I am an Online Marketing Consultant specialized in Search Engine Optimization SEO / SEM, Web Analytics and Social Media Strategy. I am certified Google Adwords Search & Display and I hold the Google Analytics Individual Qualification. My main goal is to implement complete online marketing systems: web traffic, conversion, customer loyalty and of course, optimization. To learn more about me

Más sobre mí: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abrahamvillar

Lilia Salakhova

Editora-traductora, The Art Market Agency


Nací en Rusia. Antes trabajaba en una galería de arte en Moscú y después vine a Barcelona para estudiar en la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona en el Máster de Análisis y Gestión del Patrimonio Artístico. Ahora soy responsable de comunicación y marketing en The Art Market Agency. También gestiono subastas live-bidding para nuestros clientes.

Más sobre mí: http://bit.ly/2ea3BHL

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