We analyze the jewels in Retiro Auction (I)

We analyze the jewels in Retiro Auction (I)

On December 12, 2017 is scheduled by Retiro Auctions (see link), dedicated to jewelry, watches and silver objects, in one of its last sessions before closing the year. Lot 88 is a limosnero, made of gold mesh with extendable nozzle and cap with engraved crown. It is accompanied by double chain with central galloned ring, and has French brands. It goes on sale at € 1,600 (see). Lot 185 is a brooch, made in gold with a miniature of a man on ivory, with the back of mother-of-pearl. It is signed and dated: BERTRAND 1853. It goes on sale for € 475 (see).

We highlight two bracelets. The bracelet of Lot 125 is made of two-tone gold; It is formed by square pieces with five central brilliant-cut diamonds with an approximate weight of 2.40 cts, bordered by rubies calibrated with an approximate weight of 3.75 cts. Between these pieces we see others, of union, conformed by cabochon cut sapphires, with a total weight of 17,1 cts. It goes on sale for a price of € 3750 (see). Lot 232 is a bracelet from the 50s, made in platinum and formed by geometric motifs with brilliant cut diamonds, antique and 8/8 brilliant, with a total weight of 6.25 cts. It goes on sale for 4750 € (see).

Lot 250 is a collection box made of engraved and carved gold, circular in shape and with a top and bottom of blue agate plates, decorated with brilliant cut diamonds (total weight 2,94 cts) and round cut sapphires (4 , 68 cts of total weight). The general decoration of the box is of classic enameled frets in blue, its measures are 5.5 x 2.5 cm, and it goes out for auction for € 6,500 (see).

Lote 250

Now we are going to highlight two rings. One of them for being one of the pieces with the highest quality of the room in this month of December and the second piece for being part of an outstanding group of rare medieval rings. As we said, our first highlighted lot, the number 147 is a ring made in platinum with a central sapphire in mixed size, certified by AGL (American Gemological Laboratories). It goes on sale for € 27,500 (see). The next lot is number 58, a ring from the Modern Age of Eastern Europe, made in bronze with a central glass cabochon and dated between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. It was published in the book “El legado de Hefesto” (Barcelona, ​​J. Bagot, 2012). It goes to auction for € 200 (see).

As for watches, lot 388 is an Omega jewelery watch, made in gold for women. The box is oval and the dial is made of lapislazuli, with Roman numerals and cane-like needles, while the bracelet is formed by oval patterns of cordoncillo arranged in diminution and separated by lapis lazuli pieces of oval cabochon carving. Sale to auction for € 1,200 (see). The second watch is lot 387, also an Omega watch, in this case from the 60s. It is made in gold for women and has a round case with platinum-plated motifs on both sides, set by brilliant-cut diamonds and faceted glass. The dial is beige, the number is baquetonada and the needles are enameled in black, with the rigid gold bracelet with openwork vegetal decoration. Sale at auction for € 950 (see).


Marina Criado.

Graduada en Historia del Arte por la Universidad de Salamanca y Máster en Estudios Avanzados de Museos y Gestión del Patrimonio Histórico-artístico por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

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