New auction of El Remate for June 14

El Remate is an auction house in Madrid specialized in the auction of antique and collector’s books since 2000. Its headquarters are located at 12, Modesto Lafuente Street, and there, as every month, its auction will take place on the 14th. June. On this occasion we bring you the best lots of their catalog, a selection composed of books and various elements that we consider of great interest to bibliophiles and diverse public interested in books and manuscripts. Ahead!

We started with a first edition of  L’Antiquité expliqué et représentée en figures, by Bernard de Montfaucon (1655 – 1741), a Benedictine monk of the Congregation of Saint-Maur. The lot consists of the first edition and the five volumes of supplements that were published in 1757, which brings us a magnificent set of the historical work of Montfaucon about classical archeology. Presents engraved copper sheets. The dedication of this monk was entirely for historical and ecclesiastical scholarship, focusing in a special way on Greek archeology and paleography, gathering all his knowledge on the social and artistic aspects of Greece and other civilizations in these volumes. The text is in French and Latin. It will be auctioned for € 9,500 (see).

MONTFAUCON, BERNARD DE. L’Antiquité expliqué et représentée en figures. Primera edición. Precio de salida: 9.500€

We continue with a copy of  Os Lusiadas do Grande… Principe da Poesia heroica. Commentados pelo Licenciado Manoel Correa,, written by Luis de Camoens. It is an early edition (1613) of the masterpiece par excellence of Portuguese literature: an epic of Renaissance cultured. Presents cover with a shield engraved in wood, and in the second leaf heraldic shield xilographic of the dedicated, that is Don Rodrigo de Acunha. It will be auctioned for € 1,000 (see). On the other hand, we also see  Espejo de illustres personas por… de la orde[n] de San Fra[n]cisco, a peticio[n] de la illustra señira doña María Pimentel Osorio, Marquesa de Villafra[n]ca, of Alonso de Madrid (ca. 1480 – 1535). The copy is printed in gothic calligraphy with a line drawn, and the cover has a border with four wood. Edition of the year 1539. It will be auctioned for € 1,000 (see).

Not only we can find old books in El Remate, also strange copies of magazine publications. In this case, we see the numbers 5 and 6 of the Verve magazine, revue artistique et littéraire, which consists of eleven original lithographs by authors such as Constantin Guys, G. Braque, G. Ruoualt, A. Derain, Fernand Leger, Pierre Bonnard, Henri Matisse and Paul Klee. The covers, on the other hand, are illustrated by Aristire Maillol, while the texts are by Ambroise Vollard, Henri Malo, Jean Saltas and others. It will be auctioned for € 250 (see), a good price for this issue. Of much more quality is El Monigote, a very strange satirical publication about Uruguayan society and culture, directed by Pérez Barradas, Miguel H. Escuder and José Noya. It contains the numbers from 1 to 5. It will be auctioned for € 3,500 (see).

We also see an astonishing edition of Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, with engravings on the inside and a Dutch binding, from 1817. It will be auctioned for € 3,500 (see). He is accompanied by Carlos V’s Book of Hours, a facsimile on vellum imitation paper illustrated with illuminated margins. It is an edition of the year 1999. It goes to auction for € 1,500 (see).

Diez liricografías is the work of Rafael Alberti, from 1954, which contains ten serigraphs signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. It is presented in an editorial case with the original cover, which exquisitely protects Alberti’s drawings of his own verses. Edited by Galería Bonino. It will be auctioned for € 1,200 (see). And we ended up presenting the Bestiary of Don Juan de Austria, from the 16th century, whose original is preserved in the library of the Monastery of Santa María de la Vid, in Burgos. This edition consists of 696 copies, numbered with notarial certification, and is the only bestiary in the Castilian language of the world, containing in turn the only illustrated treaty of falconry in Spanish. It will be auctioned for € 850 (see).

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