Medieval and Colonial art in La Suite

Next March 22 we have a new appointment with La Suite Auctions, which brings a great auction of medieval and colonial art. In total, 110 lots that delights collectors of the classic art. As always, you can bid for each lot by clicking on the name of the lot, or on the photograph.

We begin with the sculpture section, we could see a Virgin Mary’s large ivory sculpture, which came from a Calvary’s scene. The attitude of the Virgin is compassionate, with the acceptance of the death of her son on the cross before her. It is still quite Gothic, especially in the folds, although it corresponds to the sixteenth century. There will be offered for € 5,000 (see).

LOTE 46: Virgen María. Siglo XVI. Escultura en marfil. Precio de salida: 5.000€

Continuing with the ivory, we see an Adoration of the Magi, an ivory relief from the 16th-17th centuries. It is especially detailed in the clothes and the faces. Starting price: € 2,500 (see).

LOTE 48: Adoración de los Magos. XVI-XVII. Escultura de marfil. Precio de salida: 2.500€

Entering the wooden sculpture, we see a Resurrected Christ (55 x 23.5 x 11 cm), a sculpture in carved, polychromed and gilded wood, from the School of Antwerp of the sixteenth century, early. The wounds of the Passion are in sight, and he is blessing with the right hand: he is a triumphant Christ, evolved from the first medieval conceptions of the figure. It goes to auction for € 7,500 (see). The next lot, which accompanies it, is a San Agustín (75 cm), it is another wonderful carved wooden sculpture, gilded and polychrome, in the middle of the transition between Romanesque and Gothic. It is around 1300. He is dressed like a bishop and wears a miter with sculpted stones, while he is in a blessing attitude. The chromatism of the work is exquisite, but so is the carving, if we observe the folds of the clothes or the shapes of the face. Starting price: € 15,000 (see).

Also it’s remarkable an altar cross (47.5 x 24.5 cm) that occupies the lot 1, realized in enamel champlevé of Limoges, on the 1190. It is a very rare sample, and owns in the intersection between both arms a circular medallion with a wavy edge and the figure of Christ in majesty and blessing. The back is entirely decorated with garlands and vegetal motifs, with the silhouette of Christ engraved in the center, with the inscriptions XPS and IHS. It goes to auction for € 18,000 (see).

LOTE 1: Cruz de altar. Esmalte de Limoges y cobre dorado. 47,5 x 24,5 cm. Precio de salida: 18.000€

As in the painting section we see as an outstanding work an oil on canvas by Giacomo da Ponte Bassano (Bassano del Grappa, 1515 – 1592), Noah thanking God for the end of the Flood with a sacrifice (107 x 136 cm). It is very similar to a work, also ascribed to the Bassano, in the Museo del Prado. Attached is the study of Professor Joan Ramón Triadó Tur, who shows his clear interest especially in light and how to use it in the work. It goes to auction for € 20,000 (see).

LOTE 62: DA PONTE BASSANO ,GIACOMO (Bassano del Grappa, 1515 – 1592). Noé agradeciendo a Dios el fin del Diluvio con un sacrificio. Óleo sobre lienzo. 107 x 136 cm. Precio de salida: 20.000€.

It is followed by lot 64, a work attributed to Leandro Bassano (Bassano del Grappa, Veneto 1557 – Venice 1622). It is an oil on canvas entitled Primavera (100 x 140 cm), which comes with an attached certificate from Professor Joan Ramón Triadó Tur, which states that this work comes from a series dedicated to the four seasons. It goes to auction for € 15,000 (see). Lot 16, on the other hand, is an altar piece (167 x 140 cm) from the end of the 15th century to the beginning of the 16th century, from the end of the Gothic era, from Catalan School. It represents Christ in Pantócrator in the central panel, made in tempera and gold on wood. Accompanying the Pantócrator we see the Tetramorfos in the four corners, and in the adjacent panels we see San Francisco de Asís, Santa Marta and Santa Clara. It goes to auction for € 10,000 (see).

We close with two works that accompany each other, lot 24 and lot 25. The 24 corresponds to the Incredulity of Tomás Apóstol (47 x 40 cm), a work in tempera and gold on wood, by the hand of the Master of Belorado, located in Burgos around the fifteenth century. Attached certificate of Don Josep Gudiol, of the year 1978, with this attribution: “It was Post, the one that adjudged the appellation of Teacher of Belorado, to the author of two beautiful compositions,” Nativity of Jesus “and” Weddings of Cana “, coming from the Burgos village of Belorado. According to Post, the master of Belorado retained something of the glorious heritage of Van der Weyden, and likewise was influenced by the art of the great Master of the Catholic Kings, Diego de la Cruz. ” It will be auctioned for € 4,000 (see). Lot 25 is from the Venetian School of the 15th century, at the end, specifically of the Master of Madonero. It is titled Birth (54 x 47 cm) and is an oil on panel. We should not treat this Madonero Master with a single entity: it is about the Cretan artists who lived in Venice, but who were formed in the manner of Crete, thus mixing the Byzantine and the Italian. It goes to auction for € 2,000 (see).

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