Medina Auction’s offers Art and Antiques from Jerez

Medina Subastas is an auction house located in Jerez de la Frontera (C / Sevilla, 10) dedicated to Classical Art. They will hold a splendid sale on February the 14th 2018. The lots are currently on display at the auction house and the public viewings are open everyday until the sale: from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and from 6 pm to 8:30 pm. Buyers are able to bid by telephone (956 322 046 – 618 040 501) or by email ( As always, if you click on the name of each following lot, you will be redirected to Medina’s online catalog.

The first lot we want to highlight lot 60: a crucified Christ made of ivory mounted on silver frame from the 19th century French School. The silver frame was embossed by the Sevillian goldsmith’s workshops Marmolejo. The ivory Christ is 45 cm tall and the frame measures 80 cm by 55 cm. It goes to auction for € 2,500 (see). In marble we have a sculpture by Giuseppe Gamboni entitled Nurse, which is 46 cm high. It goes to auction for € 325.00 (see).

Next, we feature the work of Antonio García Mencía from the 19th century. Lot 36 consists of an oil on canvas representing a young woman standing in a field. The work is untitled and the dimensions are 60 x 37 cm. It is estimated at € 1,200 (see). It stands next to the work of José de Arpa y Perea (Carmona, 1858 – Sevilla, 1952) titled “Jardines de los Alcázares”. This oil on canvas is of small dimension, 26 x 34 cm, and will be auctioned for 1,300 € (see). Continuing Classical Paintings, Medina is offering a work made by the 18th century Italian School. This oil on canvas is titled “Landscape” and measures 80 cm by 108 cm. It is offered for € 800 (see).

To conclude with the classical art section we’ve highlighted two religious works. First, lot 38: an oil on canvas representing the Virgin Mary and attributed to the 18th century Sevillian School. Dimensions are 71 cm by 56 cm and it will be auctioned for € 900 (see). Secondly, lot 19: a representation of John the Baptist belonging to 18th century Spanish School. This oil on canvas measures 41cm by 50 cm and comes with a 19th century frame. It will be auctioned for € 800 (see).

Regarding the jewelry section, we’ve featured an exquisite set that covers lots 198 and 210. The first, lot 198, consists of a beautiful pair of emerald and diamond earrings. The emeralds weigh approximately 14 ct and the total weight of the earring is 32.7 grams. This pair goes to auction for € 2,500 (see). As we previously mentioned, they earrings match with lot 210: a gold, diamond and emerald bracelet. It is made of 18 carat gold and diamonds and decorated with three emerald rosettes. The bracelet weighs 28.49 grams and is offered at € 2,500 (see). Last but not least, the third highlighted jewel is lot 202: a Chaton Choker made of 19 ct white gold, 6.1 ct diamonds and adorn with a South Sea Pearl measuring 15 x 13 mm and weighing 52 grams. This exceptional lot is offered for € 6,000 (see).

As to watchmaking, we’ve decided to highlight lot 252 and lot 253. The first is an Ulysse Nardin’s watch with a case made of 18 Kt gold and steel. This piece weighs 30 grams and is 26 mm in diameter. It is offered at € 1,000 (see). The second consists of a Warza’s watch for men holding a 14 Kt gold case which measures 30 x 35 mm. Lot 253 goes up for sale at € 600 (see).


Regarding silverware, we’ve highlighted lot 162: a set of three sterling silver trays, measuring 63 x 41 cm and weighing 3,000 grams. The trio goes to auction for € 1,500 (see). Also, we wanted to feature lot 155: a finely decorated sterling silver inkstand weighing 810 grams and measuring 27cm by 37 cm. It is offered at € 400 (see). And finally, we couldn’t finish this article without mentioning antique furniture. Lot 107 consists of a 19th century mahogany dresser with bronze handles and a restored marble top. Dimensions are 84 x 116 x 54 cm and it goes on sale for € 1,000 (see).

Lastly, we leave you with the complete online catalog of Medina Auctions below so you can consult it directly and prepare for their fabulous auction on February the 14th. Enjoy!

Traducted by: Camila Jourdain.

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