Durán presents its May Auction

Durán presents its May Auction

Within our usual previous articles, Durán’s catalog usually stands out, which has a good habit of generating a catalog suitable for all bidders, ranging from old painting, through to contemporary, to a selection of furniture and tribal art that does not leave indifferent. As usual, we will begin with a selection in which we will go through this catalog, presenting the most interesting lots.

Regarding the first big block, the old painting, we have the first big bomb of the auction, Luis de Morales (1509 – 1586) titled Nazareno (100 x 76.5 cm). It is an oil on board with an old frame, although not of the time. We can observe the usual lengthening of the figures of which this artist gathers, as well as the blurred out of the purest style of da Vinci, coming from his mannerist formation in Milan. It will cost € 60,000 (see). Not very far in catalog we find a work attributed to Alejo Fernández, titled Virgen del pajarito (97 x 71 cm). The frame is golden, oval and with a very interesting floral finish. It will be for € 11,000 (see).


Nazareno, Luis de Morales

In addition, we find in the old painting interesting lots such as Battle Scene (45 x 58 cm), an oil on canvas signed by Barend Gael (1630 – 1698), with a receipt from the Alcón Hall. It will be auctioned for € 3,500 (see). We also see Diego de la Cerda (second half of the seventeenth century – first half of the eighteenth century) and his Descent (220 x 122 cm), another oil on canvas that appears signed on the lower side. It will be auctioned for € 6,000 (see). We continue with another attribution, this time to Francisco Ignacio Ruiz de la Iglesia (late seventeenth century) and the work The martyrdom of San Lorenzo (137 x 96 cm), again encountering an oil on canvas, which is auctioned for € 4,750 (see).

And to finish with the old painting, we find in The Wreck (98 x 142.5 cm) the figure of George Morland (1763 – 1804). It is signed, and is an oil on canvas that encloses the receipt of the Alcón Gallery in Madrid. He was son and student of H.R.Morland and exposed from a young age at the Royal Academy with some regularity. It presents a work with great chromatic harmony and a correct stage composition. Your starting price will be € 4,250 (see).

Thus we go to the painting that concerns the nineteenth century, among whose lots we can find works such as Bay of Cadiz (145 x 115 cm) by Ricardo Verdugo Landi (1871 – 1930), which goes on auction for a not insignificant 6.000 € (see). Next to this oil we find Landscape (18.5 x 23.5 cm), by Mariano Barbasan Lagueruela (1864 – 1924), which will go for € 6,000 at the 25th auction (see).


The Wreck, George Morland

These two great works are accompanied by others equally outstanding. We begin by talking about Hunting still life (74 x 100 cm) by H. Hohenberger (S. XIX), signed and with frame of the time in gold and resin, which will come for € 1,400 (see). It is accompanied by a work by Cecilio Pla (1860 – 1934), Talking (12.5 x 16.5 cm) that comes at a very affordable price of € 400 and is certified by the artist on the back of the painting (see).

A particularly curious lot is a Palet (50 x 36 cm) painted by several artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, namely five Spanish painters and five Italian painters: Antonio Muñoz Degrain: Burrito, Salvador Sánchez Barbudo: Man with beret, Enrique Serra Auqué: Nocturno, Vicente Poveda and Juan: Caracol, Vicente March and Marco: Arab, Pietro Gabrini: Bridge, Ignace Spiridon: Dame, Francesco Bergamini: Spinner, Angelo Martinetti: Pollito, Giuseppe Gabani: Soldier on horseback. It goes to auction for € 4,500 (see). From Eugenio Lucas Villamil (1858 – 1918) we see his Gallant Scene (14 x 27.5 cm), for € 2,750 as the starting price (see).

Jumping now to the twentieth century and the contemporary art that accompanies it, we see options such as that of Francis Picabia (1878 – 1953) and his Etude de nu (30.4 x 26.9 cm), an ink drawing and graphite on paper. It is signed in the lower right corner, from the Germaine Eveling Picabia collection. This drawing has an exit price of 7,000 € (see). On the part of Benjamín Palencia (1900 – 1980) we see his work Tierras rojas (60 x 73 cm), an oil on canvas, signed and dated in 1976, four years before the death of the artist. It is tagged by the Biosca Gallery and attaches its purchase certificate. Its starting price is € 25,000 (see).

Also in this category would be attached the work of Rafael Durancamps (1891 – 1979), Paris Street (46 x 55 cm), an oil on canvas signed in the lower area. Its sale price would start at 1.900 € (see). Nearby we find Carlos Nadal Farreras (1918 – 1998), with his Sail races oil (65 x 53 cm), signed and dated on the back and the obverse. It will be auctioned for € 6,000 (see).


Etude de nu, Francis Picabia

At the sculptural level we find Mariano Benlliure (1862 – 1947), with his work Primer par de banderillas (32.8 x 19.9 x 37.1 cm), made in bronze. It does not present any brand of foundry, and is signed and dedicated to Alfonso. Special appreciation to Lucrecia Enseñat Benlliure for their collaboration in the cataloging of this work. Your starting price will be € 3,000 (see).

In the area of ​​jewelry, two special pieces stand out. The first is an 18K white gold oval shape diamond ring 2.52 cts., flanked in turn by two diamonds of trapezoid size of 0.27 cts. each diamond. The central diamond carries an attached certificate of the Spanish Gemological Institute of 1977. Its price is 15,000 € (see). The second batch is an 18K Tutti Frutti and white gold diamond bracelet with ruby, blue sapphire and emeralds carved in the shape of leaves and round cabochons (35.64 cts.) and brilliants (6.33 cts.). It will be auctioned for € 15,000 (see).

And as it is known, the house Durán presents a special brotherhood with respect to pieces of tribal art and art from archeology. In this case, we see a piece that already came out in this house, specifically a A Rare Neolithic idol in marble (9.5 x 7.5 x 4 cm), representing a naked woman perhaps as personification of motherhood. It is considered that it comes from the Mediterranean zone, and its antiquity is around 3.500 a.C. It comes with stand included, and an excellent state of conservation. It will be auctioned for € 5,500 (see).

As for the tribal art we find a wonderful male carving, a Nago Yoruba Figure (59 cm high) of the tribe in Benin. It is carved in semi-hard wood with a strong patina of sacrifice. It belongs to the 19th or early 20th century. Attaches a certificate of authenticity by D. Ángel Martín. Its starting price will be € 5,000 (see). And within the selection, we find an extraordinary work of Vili culture (Angola), which represents a mythological figure, made in wood and glass (20 cm high). It is considered that it is an idealized representation of an ancestor, believing that if its presence in an altar is found the presence of the ancestor is assured, as long as it is accompanied by libations with palm wine. “In its daily task of protecting the living, it provides food or heals with the decoction of plants inside the vessel. The mythical snake that runs along the back of the figure alludes to the shape of the rainbow capable of stopping the tropical rain when enveloping with his body “tying up again” the earth and the sky. Powerful symbolic image that restores order after fertilizer rain and storm, if we are not before the serpent-totem, guardian of the welfare of the family, who aggressively watches the intruder who tries to introduce the disorder in their lives. As a statue-fetish is the tradition of the vili people locates in the belly the place where the guardian spirit is housed, behind the reliquary and in the form of symbolic materials with magical properties that give it power. To revitalize the spirit, the statue receives continuous ablutions with red bark powder mixed with palm oil that gets the beautiful patina of devotional objects.” It will be auctioned for € 2,750 (see).

Durán presenta su subasta de mayo

marian_fotoMariana de Ceballos-Escalera.

Specialist in modern painting, appraiser and expert. Graduated in History of Art by the University of Salamanca.


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